How To Plan Group Trips With Your Android Device

How To Plan Group Trips With Your Android Device

Planning a trip is often the least enjoyable part of a vacation. The more people you add into the picture, the more stressful the process gets. That's why we always appreciate tools that help us manage trips smoothly, and make all that effort worth the while.

Prava is an interesting tool that allows you to set up a vacation and invite other travelers in your group to share details, photos, experiences, and even start conversations. Our favorite feature is being able to manage expenses so everyone knows what they need to pay.

Check out our quick how-to guide below.

Another alternative: Google Trips, for stress-free travel planning

Here's how to plan group trips with your Android device:

1. Install and open Prava on your Android device and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.

2. Confirm your country by inputting your mobile number.

3. Create your first trip by accessing MY TRIPS and tapping on the plus symbol (after you've added to a trip that's where you'll see it displayed). Fill in the details and add your friends or family so they're included.

4. Attach pictures and documents so that everyone can view them. Share the vacation location when the time is right.

5. Add up all your bills to manage your group expenses within various categories: travel, hotel, food, shopping, or anything else.

6. Use the chat feature to communicate with other group members and send messages about the trip so you're all up to speed.

7. Congratulations! You've now planned a trip stress-free, with all the information in just one place!

What apps do you use to plan trips with friends? Have you tried Prava?