How To Share Your Thoughts More Privately With Your iOS Device

How To Share Your Thoughts More Privately With Your iOS Device

Facebook is supposed to be a social network for friends, but you end up having way too many people you don't even know that well. Do you really want to share your pictures and thoughts with all of them? Do you even want to be bombarded with theirs? You can't just unfriend them (in case they notice and get offended).

If you're thinking about changing social networks, then, Camarilla is the smallest one ever. There's only room for you and your 15 closest friends (or relatives). Sounds great, doesn't it?

Check out our quick how-to guide below.

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Here's how to share your thoughts more privately with your iOS device:

1. Install Camarilla on your iOS device.

2. Enter your country code and phone number to confirm your registration. Include a picture so everyone knows who you are.

3. Invite your friends. Remember to choose wisely, as you only have 15 invitations.

4. Start uploading your pictures and messaging your friends. No one else will get to access your personal photos or conversations.

5. Enjoy this tiny social network with your closest friends.

Do you have a favorite social network? Do you openly share your thoughts with the online community?