How To Take A Nap In The Middle Of The City With Your iPhone

How To Take A Nap In The Middle Of The City With Your iPhone

We're slaves to the office these days. Last year, it was revealed that a normal working week for the average American Joe has risen, sneakily, from 40 to 47 hours - and that's not to mention all the overtime put in on top. So addicted are Americans to the home of the photocopier, water cooler, and their over-bearing boss, that only 25% took all of their vacation days in 2014.

As the working day gets longer, our energy levels are increasingly stretched to their limit. And it's all we can do not to curl up in the fetal position under our desks at lunchtime; we'd happily forego the skinny latte and pastrami on rye just for an hour or two of precious, precious sleep. The verdict is in: experts agree that little catnaps in the day are actually really good for us, vastly improving memory and cognitive function.

Breather, the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur Julien Smith, is the app you absolutely need if you just have to get a couple of hours shut-eye during the working day.

Based in the US and Canada, Breather hooks you up with beautiful and affordable rooms in the city, which you can rent from anywhere from 30 minutes to a whole day. Whether you're in need of a small siesta, a space for a quick business meeting, or a study sanctuary, this sleek and functional app has what you need, right near you.

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Here's how to take a nap in the middle of the city with your iPhone:

1. Download and open Breather.

2. Register with email, or log in to the app with your Facebook or Twitter credentials, then verify your mobile number.

3. Browse for rooms near you, filtering by availability for today, your budget, and your length of stay (30 minutes to full day). Once you find a room you like, book it with your credit or debit card.

4. When you arrive at your room, launch the app and tap 'Check in'. You'll then receive a pass code to gain entry to the room.

5. Enter the room, and throw yourself onto the first bed, sofa, or soft furnishing you find. It's siesta time!

6. Fancy half an hour extra? Open the app and tap on the green 'Extend' circle, then input and pay for the extra time you want (where available).

7. When your time is up, close the door behind you, and trot back to the office feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have you ever used Breather, and if so, how did you find it? What other apps do you use to take a breather during the working day?