How To Track Your Car's Mileage With Your Android Device

How To Track Your Car's Mileage With Your Android Device

If you have to use your vehicle for your job, you'll know that tracking your mileage and fuel consumption isn't always an easy feat, particularly when trying to work out how much driving you've done for work, and how much has been for your own personal use.

MileCatcher helps you keep track of every trip and classify them easily, so you'll know exactly what the boss owes you for gas at the end of each month.

Check out our quick how-to guide below.

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Here's how to track your mileage with your Android:

1. Install and open MileCatcher on your Android.

2. Give permissions and agree to terms of service and privacy policy in order for the app to work fully.

3. Create an account and read the instructions in order to get started.

4. Change the settings to indicate Miles or Kilometers, activate or deactivate notifications and weekly reports, and show traffic warnings. Add all the vehicles you use.

5. Change your working hours so the app can detect your trips outside your work hours as personal.

6. Drive and work and then open the app again. Classify your trips as Personal or Professional just by swiping left or right.

7. Get your report and send them to obtain reimbursements.

Have you used any mile tracker app for your work trips? What's your favorite?