Pushbullet Now Supports Universal Copy/Paste Across Devices

Pushbullet Now Supports Universal Copy/Paste Across Devices

Have you ever heard of Pushbullet? It’s one of my favorite mobile apps. I consider it indispensable, an absolute must-have for everyone.

Why? Because regardless of what we do with our smart-everything, at some point we all have the need to share content across devices. For example, move a photo stored on your phone to your computer, or a link from your desktop browser to your mobile device, or a Whatsapp message from your phone to your tablet… you name it. I bet my bottom dollar you’ve been there.

PushBullet challenges you to stop using your e-mail as a sharing recipient by providing a faster and neater solution. If you need to share simple text notes, to-do lists, pics, links, or even files between devices, just push them with PushBullet. Install the Android or iOS app on all your mobile devices, plus the Chrome/Firefox add-on or the desktop program on your computers, and start pushing stuff across them. A notification will show up immediately in all those devices you’ve selected as recipient, and you’ll be able to access the content right away.

As if that weren’t enough, the guys at PushBullet have reached a real milestone by unlocking an outstanding feature: universal copy/paste across devices.

What does that mean? Up to now, in order to push any content, users had to “Share” the content with Pushbullet. Now, if the content can be copied to the clipboard of your mobile device, then it can be pasted the regular way in your computer, and vice versa.


Wait, let’s make this clear: this is a beta feature that’s only available for the Pushbullet Android and Windows desktop app. However, the team is working to extend support to iOS and other platform. But given the rhythm of updates and cutting-edge features they’ve been launching lately, I bet it won’t take too long to enjoy it on all our devices.

For those lucky souls who can already enjoy this fantastic feature, you must know it must be enabled first:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Pushbullet on your Android device. Otherwise, go update it.
  • Launch Pushbullet > Tap the three-dots button on the upper-right corner > Tap “Settings”
  • Go to Advanced Settings > Turn on the “Universal copy & paste” toggle.
  • Make sure Pushbullet Desktop App for Windows is installed on your computer. If not, download it from here (note: browser add-ons don’t support this feature yet).
  • Copy and paste across devices as if there were no tomorrow.