The 5 Best Android Apps To Survive The End Of The Vacations

The 5 Best Android Apps To Survive The End Of The Vacations

The vacations are over, and the summer is drawing to a close. Whether you like it or not, it’s time to get back to work, return to the routine, and push yourself through this tough month of September. However much we hate this time of year, we can’t avoid the fact that our weeks of travel, beaches, and swimming have come to end. It is, however, possible to make the back-to-work boogie more bearable.

Since your brain still hasn’t got back in gear yet, the following apps will help you clear your mind, organize yourself, and hit all of those post-vacation goals.

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Total Fitness

Total Fitness is a personal training app that’ll help you get into shape after the vacations. Surely most of us will have gained a bit of weight, meaning we’ll be keener than ever to kick-start a weekly exercise program.

The app has a great list of exercises and nutritional advice to help you achieve your objectives in as little as a couple of weeks. Plan your training sessions and make sure you’re eating in a safe and healthy way.

Money Lover

If you’ve spent too much this summer, you’d best start saving up for the second half of the year. Money Lover is a finance app that’ll get you in control of your spending through its handy breakdown of spending categories.

Input your spending and activate the notifications so that the app can remind you to use it on a daily basis. This is the best way to categorize your spending so you’ll know where you spend the most money, and where you can afford to splash out.


Sometimes, the only thing we need is to get organized. Pomotodo applies the Pomotodo technique to lists of tasks, and groups every task into periods of 25 minutes within which you should focus all your energy.

An essential tool for those who tend to distract themselves and need an app effective in helping them to be more productive. On top of that, the app allows you to block the most distracting apps during those moments of maximum concentration.

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Pomotodo - Pomodoro meets GTD

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The Mindfulness App

If returning to work is harder than you expected, we encourage you to try a meditation app like The Mindfulness App. Let yourself be guided into meditation thanks to its clear instructions and collection of relaxing sounds.

This is a very visual app, a favorite among lovers of yoga and relaxation and meditation techniques. Gradually, it will become an indispensable help in your life.

CheapOair Flights, Hotel & Car

What better way to return to work than to start thinking about your next vacation? CheapOair is a slick app that guarantees the best price on flights, hotels, and car hire. CheapOair compares fares and prices across 450 airlines, helping you to make big savings and book with multiple airlines for a round-trip.

The results are really simple to filter; you can do so by price, stops, departure and return times, and even by airline. It’s also packed with traveler tools, flight status info, and more. Once you've tried CheapOair, you're unlikely to go elsewhere.

What apps do you use to survive the end of your vacations?