The Best iPhone Apps For Keeping Your Mind Active This Summer

The Best iPhone Apps For Keeping Your Mind Active This Summer

Let's be honest: nobody wants to work in the summer. The only thing we want to do during these hot and sticky months is lay on the beach, sleep like a log, and have a few mojitos in the shade on a terrace. The simple act of thinking about work or study is enough to make us cranky in an instant.

But at Appszoom, we believe our brains need constant stimulation. Whooaaa, OK, calm down! We're not talking astrophysics or philosophy, just something to stop you're brain from going mushy. These fun and creative iPhone apps will keep your mind sharp.

Planning your next adventure? 10 iOS Apps For Booking Your Next Life-Changing Trip is the perfect app to stop your laziness from getting the better of you this summer. Tap in your goals, and the app will keep reminding you of what you've still got pending. works for pretty much everything; writing, playing an instrument, reading, doing sports, and loads more. There's also great community that will offer support, so you don't give up too easily.


Lumosity is a pretty thorough brain training app which aims to improve your memory, attention, speed and problem solving skills. Are you ready to practice a little bit every day? Don't get rusty, keep yourself on the ball.

Lumosity — Brain Training Lumosity — Brain Training icon

Lumosity — Brain Training

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Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is another alternative for training your brain with a range of activities where you are able to measure your abilities and compare them with the rest of humanity. The app also gives you exercises based on your demographic profile, so you don't have to worry about the difficulty of them; they're suited to you perfectly. Do you think you'll manage to move up a level?

Fit Brains Trainer Fit Brains Trainer icon

Fit Brains Trainer

FREE 8.2 47K


If it's your vocabulary you wanna practice, while having fun puzzling, don't miss Alphabetty. This is the latest addictive game from the makers of Candy Crush, which will help you get those brain cells working. It's all about making hundreds of words and collecting points to move up through the levels.

Escape Block

Escape Block is the perfect game for puzzle lovers, which is gonna make you think really hard. In this game, the aim is to slide the the blue box to the portal in as few moves as possible. It's a classic game which works well, with a neat and tidy design. Are you clever enough?


If math is more your thing, then Drop7 is the fun puzzle where you gotta get rid of the numbered disks. How do you do that? Well, you have to get the number of disks in the row to match the actual numbers on the disks themselves. It's original and it'll get you hooked from the very start. It also helps keep our brains ticking over smoothly.

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Foxy Bird

Foxy Bird is a true gem; it's original, fun, has some amazing graphics, and even helps improve our memory. Foxy Bird is much more addictive than any other type of "Simon Says" game. You don't just have to remember the sequence here, but also the position. We've tried it and we have to tell you right now, that it's a tough one.

Owl - Learn Something

So you wanna learn something new each and every day? Well, Owl will help you out with that! The app has got a load of trivia to read each morning and it works with notifications so that you never miss a story. Simple and easy, just as we want it, you'll learn something new without having to get up from the sofa at home or the hammack at the pool.

Which other apps do you use to keep your brain active? Let us know in the Comments section.

Translated by Joe Martin