The Best New Games for iOS

The Best New Games for iOS

If you’ve been in search of new games for your mobile for a while now, you’re in luck. Over the last few months a number of games were released for Android and iOS devices that are really worth playing.

In this article we’ve tried to bring together games from a wide spectrum to give you the best chance possible of finding something within a genre you like: reaction, strategy, adventure, brainteaser...

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We start with a game that demands quick reflexes; one of those games that—on the surface— looks impossible. In BoneCrusher you control a group of corpses whose skulls are still intact (thank goodness). You must reunite the poor corpses with their bones, making sure that the bone crushing machines don’t turn you into dust as you do so.

How does the gameplay work? Move left and right, ever-conscious of the impending dangers that threaten you. It’s a classic reaction game, with a fun concept and design that really stands out from the crowd. Highly recommended.

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Bad Banker

Bad Banker is a game in the mould of ‘2048’. It does, however, come with an innovative difference in that the theme is new: the financial world. The universe of investments and high-flying financial companies has been excellently implemented and it seems strange that nobody has previously thought of the idea.

Without a doubt, Bad Banker is one of our current favorites. It’s extremely addictive and more complicated than it looks. On top of that, it’s very easy to learn how to play (but not easy to master by any means).

My Majesty

My Majesty is an alternative (and free!) version of Reign, which has us completely hooked. It’s a game in which the story and decisions you take along the way are of utmost importance, resulting in an extremely fresh and original adventure.

Your objective is to keep each one of the factions that reside in your kingdom satisfied, but every time you make a decision you’ll inevitably peeve off one group while satisfying another. You can’t please everybody; find a good balance and avoid an uprising!

Think Shift

If we go for a game that’s minimalist in style and approach, Think Shift is an interesting option which you’ll soon find is a lot more difficult than it looks. Match each circle with its corresponding point, bearing in mind that some are situated in places they don’t belong.

It’s one of those brainteasers in which there’s not a lot of room for manoeuvre, and each movement is crucial for resolving the final puzzle. You have 50 levels to work through, and it gets tougher and tougher level by level.


Enyo is another game that’s pretty original, set in Ancient Greece. It’s an intricately designed dungeon in which you must survive for as long as possible, all the while ending the lives of your foes.

The game offers various ways to defeat your enemies: drown them in pools of lava, club them, push them into spiked walls, and so on. It’s a turn-taking game with a nice dose of strategy in which one wrong step can mean the end of your life within a couple of seconds.


Tunich is an innovative brainteaser that’s as refreshing for its gameplay as it is the total lack of time or life limits. You can play for as long as you want, without fearing complete failure.

The objective is to join together the triangular pieces with their corresponding places and try to fill the circle with just one color to gain one of the central pieces. More clever than it seems, and in short—a real classic.

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