The Weirdest Dating Apps For Hooking Up With An Android

The Weirdest Dating Apps For Hooking Up With An Android

Finding your other half is a much easier than it used to be. The huge rise in dating websites, and apps for meeting new people, has given us all a lot of encouragement. It used to be much more difficult; you didn't know if the other person was really interested, or if they secretly already had a partner or not. Now, you can find out just about everything (so long as people don't lie).

But among the more 'traditional' hook-up apps are some positively bizarre apps that offer a weirder take on the whole dating and mating game. Think you're ready to delve into the dating underworld?

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This is a fairly sexist social network where women put the guys they like in their shopping cart, like they were strolling round a supermarket. The guys can send charms to get attention, but only get to speak to a girl if they're given the all clear first. It's also sold to men as a "product". A modern and somewhat superficial view, which is becoming very successful, apparently.


In LuLu, the women are wearing the trousers again. This time, the girls join forces to rate and write reviews about men who they've been out with. So, girls can check out opinions on a particular guy before starting to talk to him: Is he selfish? Is he nice? Is he a good kisser? All the need-to-know info to help you decide if he's worth your time or not.

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If you're worried about the political ideas of your future partner, CandiDate is here to help you find your future Mr or Mrs Right (or Left). There won't be any heavy discussions about politics once you hook up; you'll already know you're on the same wavelength here.

Cougar Life

If you're a mature woman in search of a younger guy (or viceversa), you can't miss out on Cougar Life. And yes, believe it or not, it has a ton of users. The older man or woman is definitely à la mode. It's easy to use and quite fun in general. It works just like Tinder, so it's swipabley easy to use, too.

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DOWN Dating

If you're direct and straight-to-the-point, DOWN might be your best choice. The app makes you ponder a great question; do you wanna date someone or just get straight to the action? Just like that. You save yourselves dinner, talking... and well, in the end, let's be honest, no one who uses this app is gonna want dates, but it's nice to know that there is that option.


Oh, so you're a millionaire (or a gold digger)? Don't fancy yourself a broke husband? Luxy will help you find the right guy - the one that comes with a great salary, boats, cars, companies, buildings, and room for a pony. A type of Tinder for those who have got money, and only think about money. It's as controversial as it is amusing.

Which app tickles your fancy? And which would you never try?! Tell us in the Comments!

Translated by Joe Martin